Gol in Hallingdal - the family's favourite in Norway!

Gol is the natural hub in Hallingdal, right between Oslo and Bergen, offering a variety of activities.

Welcoming nature, abundant opportunities for adventures, shopping and different events are only some of many good reasons to plan a stop at Gol and Golsfjellet.  

You are guaranteed to find a cabin, camping park or hotel that suits your needs, and to enjoy tasty meals in restaurants and cafés.

Read more about Winter in Gol in Hallingdal …

TOURIST OFFICE Gol Tourist office will open in new location in Sentrumsvegen 106 in 2015.  

Opening hours summer 2014 (21. June - 20. August):
Monday - Wednesday 10.00 - 17.00
Thursday - Friday       10.00 - 20.00
Saturday                   10.00 - 16.00
Sunday                     Closed

Winter is here!

Check out skiing in Gol and Golsfjellet!

Crosscountry skiing 

Tourist Office

New Tourist office will open in 2015 in Sentrumsvegen 106.

Gol Skipark

Gol Skipark


Buy your holiday gifts in Gol in cozy shopping street, shopping center and our unique shops.

Sleep well

In Gol in Hallingdal you can stay in cabins, hotels, mountain lodges, or bring a caravan or a tent to one of the camping parks.

Storefjell Ski og Akesenter

Skiing and sledding at Storefjell.

Storefjell Ski og Akesenter

Events in Gol
15/11 - 6/12
28/11 - 29/11

Gol i Hallingdal - Norge


Gol Reisemål - Sentrumsvegen 106 - NO-3550 Gol - Tel +47 3202 9700 - E-post gol@golinfo.no

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